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Module One of Managing My Life: Managing My Money


Welcome and thank you for accepting our gift of the module one of Managing My Life: Managing My Money.

We are confident that you will enjoy going through it as it will help you quickly identify your sources of income and provide you with a great number of ideas to help you save and budget.

After you have completed the program, feel free to e-Mail it (with the DNL information) to your colleagues at work, family members and friends.

This is simply your way to help us bring something positive in these sometimes troubling times.

You can also simply direct them to this website address so that they can download the program themselves. The website address is:


To open the program that you will be downloading, you need to have installed on your PC, the DNL Reader (See information about the DNL Reader below).

If the DNL Reader is already installed on your computer, go ahead and download your FREE copy of Module One of Managing My Life: Managing My Money

FREE - Managing My Life: Managing My Money - Module One

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Installing The DNL READER

Please note that DNL technology is not MAC compatible and that DNL Reader is an exe file. Please use VirtualPC or Parrallels for viewing on MAC.

Note: The DNL reader has been digitally signed so you can verify that it is safe and has not been tampered with. If you have any questions concerning the DNL reader please contact

If you are working in a large office environment where computers are linked using a Server and special security is installed, a few minutes of Technical Support may be required to install this file on your desktop. For most people who operate their own PC or Laptop, downloading and installing the DNL Reader is not problematic and takes 5 seconds.


Double click the DNL Reader file below to install the DNL reader then close it. Now you will be able to double click any DNL file that you received in order to view it.

  Download DNL Reader
  FREE - Managing My Life: Managing My Money - Module One