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Provide a Retirement Head-Start and Real-Life Employment Skills for Your Children!
What is 1417Power?
1417Power is an e-learning and student employment company that provides real employment for our Students. This employment qualifies the student to have payroll deduction deposits to their Roth IRA.  Children as young as 14 are allowed to work in qualified jobs.  1417Power pays sufficient earnings to support making meaningful contributions to their Roth IRA.  With 52 years of compounding interest and/or growth, their account could grow to millions by the time they retire.  Additionally, they receive real life employment experience and education in Time Management, Money Management, Ethics, and Comprehension & Reading as part of their paid employment training.
Videos to Watch: Introduction to 1417Power Deep Dive What the Student Employee Does Employer Benefit Program
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Information You Can Download:
Tri-Fold Brochure for Student Sponsors Tri-fold Brochure for Employers
Four Page Detailed Brochure Newsletter - 4th Quarter 2015
How 1417Power Works:
1417Power collects tuition from sponsors (parents, grandparents, companies, and others - individually or as a group) for their child to become a Student Employee “SE”.  The tuition will be used to pay SE wages (including employer FUI, SUI, payroll taxes, employee payroll and income withholding tax), contributions to the SE’s Roth IRA, net take-home wages and company operating costs. There are no book costs or other educational fees. The business is operated from its website,  Click on their logo above to visit the website.
Wages and Child Labor Laws:
The wage earned is engineered to maximize the contribution to the SE’s Roth IRA account and provide “take home” pay. SEs ages 14, 15 and 16 years old are protected by the federal and states’   Child Labor Laws “CLL”. 1417Power limits SE’s total attendance by limiting their allowed work periods to CLL work windows. Our pay rates exceed the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements and all local, state and federal minimum wage requirements. SEs 17 and older are assigned higher level responsibilities and are exempt from CLL restrictions.
Discounts and Credit Programs:
1417Power offers discounts for groups, lump sum, and monthly scheduled prepayment programs.  Discounts can be combined to achieve a maximum 20% discount.

1417Power has two programs that increase the value of your enrollment. Referral Credits and Revenue Share Credits, which are a share of the revenue we earn from selling our services.
By enrolling a 4 year old child your monthly fee is only $43.33 to have your child start enrollment at 14. This level of participation for 24 months would provide $400 in take home pay and could achieve one million dollars of TAX EXEMPT wealth (today’s dollars) for their retirement at age 67.  This is from just two years of Roth IRA contributions!
For more information and a custom illustration, contact me at the email or phone numbers below.
Use 1417Power as an Employee Benefit!
If you are a business executive, you are well aware of the cost of providing employee benefits.  Financial experts calculate your cost for employee benefits are:
Social Security…………. 6.2% of Gross Pay
Medicare……………….. 1.45% of Gross Pay
Health insurance………. $6,600 to $12,011
2 Weeks of Vacation…… 5.2% of Gross Pay
401(k)……………………… 2.7% of Gross Pay
1417Power……………… No Cost to Employer
Typical benefit for employee; a non-taxable $3,600 with 100% of participants receiving benefits.
Example: One of your employees has children ages 4, 6, and 9. They sign up for the 1417Power program.  As each child turns 14, they become Student Employees of 1417Power.  Each child enrolls for 24 months of real work experience with $480 in take-home pay and contributions to their personal Roth IRA with a calculated retirement value of between $947,000 and $1,202,000.  With the employer payroll deduction discount, the cost is only $76 per pay period declining to $20 AND ending when the youngest turns 16.
Please contact me to have a short discussion, where we can determine how you can offer this benefit to your employees. 1417Power has suggested employee communications options. Together we select the best way to offer this benefit to your employees. It is totally voluntary participation, not every employee will need the program.   My email and phone numbers are below.
Employees -- contact me to introduce your employer to this unique and no-cost employee benefit!
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